What Kind of Soil Am I?

We are in hard times right now with covid 19, economic hardship, racial tension, and social unrest. While it is tempting to just hide and wait this thing out in hopes that things will get back to normal soon that may not be the case. Maybe this is a very good time to focus on health, finances, our racial attitudes, and work for the common good. 
It is also a good time to examine our spiritual growth. For Sunday, look at Matthew 13: 1 – 9, 18 – 23. Ask this question: What kind of soil am I? Have you prepared your life for growth? Are the seeds of God’s justice and love able to take root or is the soil of your spirit too hard, rocky, or thorn invested?
Think about your spiritual life as preparing the soil for growth. What practices lead to growth for you? When do you feel most connected to God, others, self, the earth? Reading the Bible, working in the garden, prayer, walking, serving those in need, writing a check to help in work with those in need. Ask the question: What kind of soil am I? What helps me work the soil of my spirit?
BTW — I just finished my fifth year as your pastor and have started year 6. I am so thankful for each of you and the opportunity to be in ministry with you. Thanks for all that you do and contribute to this beautiful ministry.