we will celebrate All Saints Day

Our 9:00am service in the Red Room seemed to get off to a good start. The room was full and you could feel the spirit in the room. A nice feeling of closeness. Come a few minutes early and help yourself to a cup of coffee and a pastry. This Sunday we will talk about what it means to leave a legacy with your life. Read Deuteronomy 34: 1 – 12.

On November 5, we will celebrate All Saints Day. Who are the special people in your life who have left a legacy for you? I invite you to bring a picture or some momento of someone you want to remember on this special Sunday.

We will decorate a special table in honor of the people who have influenced our lives. This is for both the first and second services.

November 2 — Soup Supper
Next Thursday, November 2, at 6:00 is soup supper. Time to fellowship and break bread together. Barbara Mock, who heads up our clothes closet will be sharing a favorite movie with us about the life of Mother Teresa. Great people of faith go through difficult times of doubt and questioning. Mother Teresa had a particularly long “dark night of the soul.” Come for fellowship, learning, and engaging conversation. We will meet in the red room.