Holy Week Service will be posted Thursday night for use Holy Thursday or Good Friday. Don’t miss this beautiful Tenbrae Service or Service of “Darkness” based on the 12th century service and is an extended meditation on the passion of Christ. 
Easter Sunday — posted at 10:30 AM
Scripture: Acts 10: 34 – 43
               Matthew 28: 1 – 10
Sermon: “He Is going ahead of you”
–from Steve
What is it about this time that has me craving my tradition? Old hymns and prayers that use words that I don’t use in every day speech or even in preaching. I think it is an anchor to the past. Singing hymns and saying prayers and reading scripture that my parents and grandparents and great grandparents read and prayed and sung. 
     My grandmother was in bed with the Spanish flu when she married my grandfather. They were not sure of the outcome but they wanted to face the future married. My grandmother was a devout Methodist and I still think of her often when I sing those old hymns. 
     So here we are in holy week during the corona virus. We can’t even meet in our house of worship to sing the songs and hear the stories and pray the prayers. But we can do something my grandmother could not do. We can meet for worship over the internet. This is the most important time of the year for Christians. I hope you will join the gathering from the safety of your home for Holy Week and Easter worship. 
Blessings my friends,