Thank You Carolyn

Nice to see so many of you in Worship on the First Sunday of Advent. It truly is a beautiful season. What a job Carolyn did with music and choir directing. We sure are blessed to have her. Thanks Carolyn. 
When you are making your plans for Christmas Eve, don’t forget our 5 PM service. We will hear the Christmas scriptures, sing the carols, hear the choir, and light the candles as we celebrate the light come into the world. 
Our book study in January is called, “Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice: The Interfaith Amigos’ Guide to Personal, Social and Environmental Healing” by Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman. This group will be held on Tuesday nights starting January 14. You can purchase the book on Amazon. I do have two extra books for those who can’t get online to order. Just let me know.
I also have copies of the 2020 Disciplines. This is a daily devotional and the book that we use for our Friday morning bible study. They are $12 each. Let me know if you are interested. 
Advent Blessings to you,