Signs of Hope!

Signs of hope! They are surprising. They show up at bleak times. Are your actions a sign of hope? This Sunday we hear about Jeremiah under house arrest for his radical honesty with the King of Judah. The Babylonian army has conquered Judah and the people are being exiled. They have lost everything.
Guess what Jeremiah does? He invests in real estate. In other words, he invests in the future. Think of this. Just when you think there is no future to invest in. It is like buying beach front property in the midst of a tsunami. Jerusalem has been destroyed and people are losing everything, and Jeremiah from jail makes a real estate deal.
This is Jeremiah’s way of saying don’t lose heart, there will be a future. Tomorrow will be better. New life will come. Read Jeremiah 32: 1 – 15. The question we are left with is what foolish investments are you making in the future despite circumstances that do not look so good?Is your life showing hope to the hopeless? This is what it means to live the good news.
In hope,