Out of Sorts?


— from Pastor Steve
What do you do when you are having one of those days? You know, when you feel out of sorts, off balance, tired, grumpy, and impatient. Do you have coping skills for those days? 
If you are feeling physically unbalanced, you know what to do, right? You don’t want to move too fast because you might fall and injure yourself. You get a little extra rest and watch your diet. 


Thursday Thoughts

The language we use is interesting, When someone says “homeless people” what comes to mind? When that same label is listed under “crime” and “safety,” how do you picture “homeless people?” A report at city council on Tuesday night, listed homelessness as a criminal problem to be removed from the downtown, rather than a social problem that we must solve. I was able to challenge the council and audience to not think of homelessness this way — but to think of names and faces of people we have taken the time to know. What is a homeless person? Children, teens, seniors, women, and men. Unemployed, underemployed, people with serious health conditions, mentally ill, addicted, and veterans. Each person has fallen through the safety nets. Each person is a child of God. Why is the problem growing? Is the problem connected to the economy, employment opportunities, the cost of housing, a lack of mental health and addiction recovery services?
We could go on and on. It is complicated. Solutions will require a multi-pronged approach. Let’s not try to simplify the problem by blaming the victims or just trying to “remove the problem”. As followers of Jesus, we are called to take the side of the poor, the vulnerable, the outcast. I want our church to do this in the most thoughtful way possible. Offering friendship, providing relief, working on solutions. Let us be good friends and people of compassion.

Pastor Steve Lundin