Waiting and longing for the coming of shalom

Waiting and longing for the coming of shalom — the desire of the nations. We all know something of waiting and longing for something more — something better — peace on earth and goodwill. Sometimes we feel it as we watch the news and sometimes we feel it in our bones, deep and personal. This is what the season of Advent is all about. A season of waiting and longing for the coming of shalom, the word made flesh, a greater power come to us in the infant savior. 
What are you waiting and longing for this Advent season? How are you preparing for the reality of God with us, Emmanuel? As you decorate your home and as you prepare to celebrate — as you come to worship, let’s get ourselves ready for the invasion of the Divine into our lives. Every time we prepare for and celebrate the coming of the Christ at Christmas, we prepare to receive him once again, to be made new. Advent blessings to you!

Blessings and a joy filled Thanksgiving

Blessings and a joy filled Thanksgiving to you all! We are entering the holy days of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. A time for giving thanks for the blessings in our lives and a time for gift giving. When you are counting your blessings and making your gift list, please don’t forget to include your church. We need your help to have a strong ending of 2017.
This coming Friday — no Bible study. We will start up again on Friday, December 1, at 10 am.  December 3 is the First Sunday in Advent. Advent is the season of preparing for the coming of Christ at Christmas. At 5 pm on December 3, we will gather for a pot-luck dinner and decorating the church for the Advent-Christmas season. 
Also on December 3, at 3 pm, we will gather at the church to celebrate the life of Greg Giovanetti. Greg died from a heart attack on November 1 while sitting at the bus stop, He has been a faithful part of our congregation for a number of years. We will certainly miss Greg. 
Blessings to you all,
Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve Lundin