Course of Study for Local Pastors

Last week I was in Claremont, CA for five days. I was taking it easy while Karla was in class at Claremont School of Theology. Last year she went to licensing school and now she is in what is called the Course of Study for Local Pastors. This year was her first year of a five year program. Two weeks every summer. It is an intensive program with lots of reading and papers to write. I took a one day break from my leisure to attend class with Karla. What a rich day. Eight hours in class. The afternoon was particularly engaging. It was a class on Leadership taught by Bishop Grant Hagiya. Bishop Hagiya is the Bishop of the Cal-Pac Conference of the United Methodist Church. This conference takes in southern CA, part of Nevada, and Hawaii. Bishop Hagiya is a great teacher and very approachable. It was an opportunity for me to look at my leadership styles in an intentional way and think about what works in my setting here.
The last two days of our time in Claremont, the weather turned extremely hot. When we left on Saturday it was 115. We were delighted to be coming home to Salinas and the wonderfully moderate weather we have here. Thanks be to God!                                                          Steve

Glide Memorial

Many of you know that I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for the work of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. They feed hundreds of people in need every day, they serve people with HIV, the homeless, mentally ill, and addicted. They have a child care center and programs for inner city youth. 
Of course they are famous for their Sunday morning Celebration Services which for years were led by a very strong leader named Cecil Williams. They are known for their jazz and gospel music, huge choir, and


Pastor Steve Lundin