Later We Can Reflect

I like this quote by a guy named Kierkegard. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” I find this to be so true. When we are in the middle of some things, life just does not make a lot of sense. But when we look back later, we can see reasons and things that we have learned a long the way. Sometimes things that seemed so random and pointless at the time, even make sense when we look back later.
In the moment, we need faith. Later we can reflect. But always remember — we are surrounded by a very big Love! May you walk in faith, and in time, may you understand. As the old spiritual put it — “we’ll understand it better by and by.”

Memories of Moments

Last week on a Thursday morning I was writing a description of our ministry here at the Neighborhood Services Center of First United Methodist Church for the Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church. 
One of the questions I was responding to was — Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out for you? I was sitting behind the computer screen thinking of the many moments and memories I have of ministry with those who are poor, homeless, addicted, mentally ill, and battling hardship and disease. I was thinking about the many things that I could write about — how in those simple and gentle moments I look out at the people in our social hall and get a vision of the Kingdom of God.
And then the moment came as I sat there thinking, trying to shut out the sounds of our active ministry. One of our office volunteers was praying with a man who is sick and lonely and in need of friendship. It was a simple, thoughtful, and compassionate prayer that honored the man’s request and the needs he had shared. These are the moments that carry me and keep me going. These are the moments that remind me of why we do this ministry. We are doing something beautiful for God!

Pastor Steve Lundin