Failure to Thrive

It is called “Failure to thrive.” This is when an infant does not grow or gain weight at a normal pace. There are a number of things a baby needs in order to develop at an average pace. Diet is only part of it. Babies who grow up in orphanages and are not held and cuddled enough, often suffer from “failure to thrive.” This is a real thing.
How about adults? Can we fail to thrive? What is needed? Food, water, air. sleep, shelter, exercise, companionship, touch, spiritual connection, etc. I suspect we could come up with a larger list — but this is a good list for starters. Might get us thinking — Are you thriving? What would it take for you to thrive? What makes you most at risk?
Let’s talk more about this on Sunday. Read John 6: 35, 41 – 51. Remember that John’s gospel speaks at different levels. Ask what kind of nourishment does Jesus give us? When do you feel spiritually fed? On a scale of 1 to 10 — where are you on the thriving continuum?
Thriving for Christ’s sake,

Musical Blessings

Let’s keep Carolyn, our organist/pianist in our thoughts and prayers. She took a fall in her garden and broke her wrist. Today (Thursday), she has surgery. I am thankful for her. She is talented and enthusiastic and missed when she is away. We will probably be without her for several Sundays. 
Thank God for those who jump in to serve when she is away. What a blessing to have Ed and Judy Moncrief leading music on such short notice last week. Wonderful voices and a wonderful worshipful presence they brought to us. 
This coming Sunday, we will have Richard Knappen with us.This will be the third time we have had Richard. He is a member of Salinas Valley Community Church and a very good guitarist and vocalist. I am thankful that he agreed to be with us this Sunday. 
Please take the time to read Ephesians 4: 1 – 16 before worship on Sunday. Reflect on what it means to mature in our faith. Reflect on what it means to mature as a healthy human being. Blessings my friends!

Pastor Steve Lundin