A Tongan Wedding

This is a busy week. There is a lot going on. The major event is the wedding of Uinisa Nai this Saturday. It is such a joy to watch someone who has grown up in our congregation — going to Sunday school and youth group — singing in the choir — taking the offering — and serving in the food line — grow into such a lovely young woman. Our prayers and best wishes are with you Sa and Sione and with your families as well.
Coming September 6, Soup Supper at 6 PM in the Red Room. We are starting up again with our popular monthly gatherings. The meal is a simple soup and bread dinner. The topic for this September meeting is Blue Zones. These are areas around the world where people live longer and healthier lives. They share certain traits in common. Salinas Memorial Hospital is exploring with the larger community what Blue Zones are and how Salinas could become one. Come and learn more.
Are you interested in a study and discussion group on poverty? Karla and I are working with some other community leaders on a study of a book called — Bridges Out of Poverty. This is a fascinating book on the skills, knowledge, and support needed in order to move out of poverty. Starting in September we will lead a 4 week study and discussion on this excellent book. The group will meet on every other Monday morning at 9 AM, place to be determined. Let me know if you would be interested in joining this study.
Blessings my friends,

Failure to Thrive

It is called “Failure to thrive.” This is when an infant does not grow or gain weight at a normal pace. There are a number of things a baby needs in order to develop at an average pace. Diet is only part of it. Babies who grow up in orphanages and are not held and cuddled enough, often suffer from “failure to thrive.” This is a real thing.
How about adults? Can we fail to thrive? What is needed? Food, water, air. sleep, shelter, exercise, companionship, touch, spiritual connection, etc. I suspect we could come up with a larger list — but this is a good list for starters. Might get us thinking — Are you thriving? What would it take for you to thrive? What makes you most at risk?
Let’s talk more about this on Sunday. Read John 6: 35, 41 – 51. Remember that John’s gospel speaks at different levels. Ask what kind of nourishment does Jesus give us? When do you feel spiritually fed? On a scale of 1 to 10 — where are you on the thriving continuum?
Thriving for Christ’s sake,

Pastor Steve Lundin