Sowing the Seeds of Justice

It has been meaningful and challenging to work with the Epistle of James the last few Sundays. So practical that it is almost hard to know what to say. This week I have been struggling with James 3:14 – 4:3. Some weeks I have trouble getting inspired. This is one of those weeks. I’m just not feeling it. And then I read chapter 3 verse 18: “Those who make peace sow the seeds of justice by their peaceful acts.”
On Tuesday this week, city council member Scott Davis said at the council meeting that he really appreciates the involvement of the faith community in trying to find answers to the problem of homelessness in Salinas and particularly what our church is doing with the Neighborhood Service Center. I believe we are making peace and sowing seeds of justice. What is justice but fairness in a really big way! We are sowing the seeds.
Pray for those working on the Kairos weekend in Salinas Valley State Prison this weekend. They are sowing seeds of justice. Pray for our church and the East Salinas Family Center as we get to know each other. We may be sowing seeds of justice for the future. Pray for the big COPA convention coming up that we would be sowing seeds of justice on healthcare, immigration, housing, mental health and addiction.
“Those who make peace sow the seeds of justice by their peaceful acts.” It is just a start. The seeds have just been put in the ground. There is work to be done but by the grace of God, the harvest will come. Indeed there are already signs of it. What signs do you see?


I want to invite you to join me on September 30, from 3 to 5 PM at Sherwood Hall for the convention of COPA (Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action. This is a faith based community organizing effort of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. A special focus will be on Health Care, Housing, Immigration, Mental Health and Addiction. I have committed to having a dozen people from our church in attendance. Let me know if you can be one of them.
I am really excited about October Soup Supper on Thursday October 4. My good friend Audrey Ward, pastor of the United Methodist Church of Pacific Grove will be our guest speaker. Audrey is the author of “Hidden Biscuits: Tales of Deep South Revivals Told By Heart.” Audrey will be reading from her book and telling stories. I know you will enjoy her. We don’t have anyone bringing soup yet so let me know if you can make soup for this.
On Sunday, October 7, at 12:15, we are going to join with the Hollister UMC and the East Salinas Family Center UMC for a Bar-B-Q and pot-luck at 995 North Madeira Avenue, Salinas. Our own Haati will be grilling the chicken. This is a great time to fellowship with our neighbor UMC’s.

Pastor Steve Lundin