A Prayer for our Times

Last week I shared a prayer in worship by United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon. This prayer echoed just what I wanted to pray last week in the midst of the craziness of the news. One of you asked for a copy of it and I thought some others of you might want to make this prayer yours a few more times. You can bet that I will be praying it.
Lord Jesus, when we read today’s headlines, when we think about our present situation, when we consider the trials and tribulations that we face, we become overwhelmed, disheartened, defeated. 
  We confess that we have had far too much faith in ourselves. We had thought that we had it within ourselves to solve our problems by ourselves. Yet, in our better moments, we know that we have not the power to cure what ails us and our world.
  Lord, show us your glory. Reveal to us your majesty. Confirm our faith in your rule, for what we need most is glory, majesty, and rule not of of our own devising. 
  Lord Jesus, show us your glory, that we might take heart, be filled with confidence and hope, and take our place in the work of your Kingdom. Amen.


World Communion Sunday

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday. We are mindful that our faith transcends borders, boundaries, and walls. It is bigger than churches, communities, and nations. All over the world — followers of Jesus gather, sing, break bread, lift the cup, pray, read scripture, and share the good news of God’s love come to us in Christ. Whether it be in stained glass cathedrals or mud huts with thatched roofs — we celebrate the amazing grace of God!
This World Communion Sunday is going to be special because at 12:15 we will gather with our United Methodist brothers and sisters on the east side of Salinas at the East Salinas Family Center for a Bar-B-Q lunch and pot-luck. We will be joined by the Hollister UMC. Three congregations together for food, fellowship, and song. The East Salinas Family Center is at 995 N. Madeira. I sure hope you can join us.
Our worship will be at the usual times of 9 and 10:30 AM. However, Karla will be leading a bilingual worship service at the East Salinas Family Center at 11 AM if any of you wish to attend there on Sunday.
Finally, I want to mention our special World Communion offering this year. The East Salinas congregation owns a home (parsonage) that is rented out. The income from the rental is a large part of the church’s operating funds. The home is in serious need of some costly repairs. Our communion offering will go to the East Salinas Family Center’s parsonage fund. A generous offering will help the congregation make these repairs.
Blessings to you,


Pastor Steve Lundin