12/13/18 My Faith Community

Christmas Eve Worship — Dec 24 — at 5:00 PM

We are half way through Advent — the season of watching, waiting, longing, and preparing. I’ve got to tell you — I love the themes of this season. I do better with Advent than Christmas. I struggle with the dark and cold and sometimes damp of this season. And I worry about our friends who live outside.I long for the day when people are housed and employed. I long for the day when everyone can get the help they need with recovery from addiction and treatment for mental health.
These things are on my heart and mind during Advent and Christmas. I struggle with the being “jolly” part and the “ho ho ho!” But the timeless story about a refugee couple looking for shelter in a little town and ending up giving birth in a stable, I love. The part about “the word made flesh” and a “light in the darkness” — feeds my soul and fills me with hope.
So may this season fill you with hope, peace, deep joy, and love. If you need someone to talk with or pray with, give me a call. We need each other. I am thankful for you — my faith community.
Advent Blessings,

12/6/18 Involvement and Support

Advent is a season of preparing to greet the Christ in the many surprising ways he comes to us. Sometimes we feel interrupted by Jesus coming in some pretty distressing disguises. We see it everyday at the Neighborhood Services Center. A family struggling with homelessness, a senior woman who counts on a daily hot meal to stretch her social security check through the month, a man in a wheel chair with no where to go, a person struggling with addiction and mental illness. Jesus said, “when you have served the least of these, you have served me.” We also celebrate small and large miracles — someone getting sober, another finding housing, and another who finds spiritual meaning and God’s love. This is a wonderful ministry that we have here at First UMC. Your involvement and support is greatly needed and appreciated.
Last Sunday we received commitment cards from many of you indicating what you intend to give to your church in 2019. Thank you very much for filling these out. We will have these available for the next few Sundays. If you have not filled one out yet, please take the time to prayerfully do so. This will make it possible for your Leadership Council to responsibly plan and budget tor the new year.
While we are on the topic of giving, please keep the church in mind for your Christmas and end of the year gifts. We are hoping to have a strong December in order to end the year in a good position for 2019. It is a joy to be in ministry with you.
Peace to you,


Pastor Steve Lundin