Revised Common Lectionary

One of the decisions that Pastors have is what direction to go each Sunday with the sermon or message. First of all what does one preach on? Well, preaching should open up a passage of scripture or scriptures and reflect on the meaning for today. How does one select the scripture for each Sunday?  Many Pastors like myself use what is called the “Revised Common Lectionary.” This is a calendar and table of suggested scripture readings for a three-year cycle. There is a Old Testament, Epistle, Gospel reading and a Psalm assigned for each Sunday. I usually use the Psalm and two of the three readings. The Lectionary provides a systematic approach to the use of scripture in worship. 


Trinity Sunday

Hi Friends — What a great celebration of Pentecost we had last Sunday. I sure felt the presence of the Spirit! I hope you did. This coming Sunday is called Trinity Sunday. We celebrate the One God — revealed in three ways — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is much confusion about this doctrine and what it means. A simple and helpful definition for me, comes from a writer named Frederick Buechner. He writes: “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit mean that the mystery beyond us, the mystery among us, and the mystery within us are all the same mystery.”
I hope to see you Sunday to celebrate the One who is beyond, among, and within. 

Pastor Steve Lundin