God-given Boundaries of Human Existence

Because of some extreme legislation by a few states, abortion is back on the front burner in our country and many women are feeling under attack. This is extremism at its worst and it keeps the culture wars ignited. While the extremes of the right and left war over this issues, the majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle on this issue. Though I don’t always agree with them, The Social Principles of The United Methodist Church are a prayerful and thoughtful effort on the part of the General Conference to speak to the human issues in the contemporary world from a sound biblical and theological foundation. I share with you here a portion of what our Social Principles say about abortion.


Book Study and Discussion Group

Book Study and Discussion Group — 3 Thursday Nights in June
  7 – 9 PM in the Red Room
The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life by David Brooks
This book is meant to help us all lead more meaningful lives. But it’s also a provocative social commentary. We live in a society, Brooks argues, that celebrates freedom, that tells us to be true to ourselves, at the expense of surrendering to a cause, rooting ourselves in a neighborhood, binding ourselves to others by social solidarity and love. We have taken individualism to the extreme — and in the process we have torn the social fabric in a thousand different ways. The path to repair is through making deeper commitments. In the Second Mountain, Brooks shows what can happen when we put commitment making at the center of our lives.


Pastor Steve Lundin