Promote the Welfare of the City

Four of us from the Neighborhood Services Center had a meeting with the Chief of Police and some of her staff this week. The meeting was about the challenges of being homeless and the work being done in the city to help people.

I had been in a bad mood that day. I was feeling impatient about certain people and lacking in understanding about their circumstances. I felt like I had spent most the day policing our property. In our meeting I suddenly noticed that the police officers were expressing more compassion and patience than I was.

Not only that, but they were also very affirming of our church and the work we are doing. They expressed thankfulness that there is a place that provides safety to vulnerable people. I went away from that meeting feeling encouraged and good about the work we do.

The interesting thing about this is that I felt as if God had used them to encourage us in the work that we do. I felt part of a larger team. Thanks be to God for Chief Frese, Assistant Chief Martinez, and Officer Carvey.

One of the verses from the Prophet Jeremiah this week is — “Promote the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because your future depends on its welfare.”

See you Sunday,          Steve


It Takes a Financial Commitment

The last couple of weeks I have written about how you can contribute to our endowment fund. This is an investment in the ongoing ministry of First United Methodist Church for years to come. 
Indeed that is important but I also want to remind us that right now is very important. We feed over 100 people a day, provide clothes, blankets, mail, hygiene items, and more. We are a community center for the very poor and homeless. Not only that but we have bible studies, worship, choir, and fellowship. We bring people together from all over our city. 
Our ministry takes a financial commitment. Because of our ministry with the poor, we have many supporters — churches and individuals. We have even received a few grants. But most important are the commitments from those of you who are part of this faith community. Indeed, our offering of service and financial gifts is part of our worship. 
July, August, September have been very low months for income. This has made the balance of the church account uncomfortably low. We have two Sundays left in September. Let’s see if we can end September on a strong note. If you have gotten behind on your commitment to the work of Christ here at FUMC maybe you can start catching up. If you are blessed financially, maybe you can give something extra.
Please pray about our financial situation, that we will finish 2019 in a strong way. You are an important part of this ministry. I am thankful for all of you. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Steve Lundin