We Are Connectional

— from Pastor Steve

One of the unique features of the United Methodist Church Is that we are connectional. What does that mean? We are not on our own. We are organized into circuits, districts, conferences, jurisdictions, nationally, and internationally. 
Let me give you a few examples: (1) This week I hosted the pastors on our circuit at our church for a lunch and meeting. Our circuit is the United Methodists Churches in Monterey County — East Salinas, Soledad, Greenfield, Marina,  Seaside, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel. In our county alone, United Methodist worship is conducted in Korean, Tongan, Spanish, and English. We meet for support, planning, and strategy.
 (2) One of the main supporters of our Neighborhood Services Center is the Los Altos UMC. They are one of the churches in our El Camino District. They support us with work teams, clothes, blankets, and money.
 (3) We tithe on our income as a Church to support United Methodist ministry around our conference, country, and the world. Colleges, Seminaries, missions, relief efforts, medical and justice work all over the world.  
(4) A couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation from a staff member at our National Board of Church and Society to come to a meeting in Florida in February being held for United Methodist leaders of ministries doing significant work with the poor. Our work here is now recognized by the UMC on a national level. 
(5) This Sunday our District Superintendent, Shinya Goto will be with us to bring the message for the day in both the 9 and 10:30 services. He will also be meeting with our Leadership Council to learn more about our ministry and the health of our congregation. 
We are connected on different levels. Paragraph 132 in our Book of Discipline puts it this way — Connectionalism in the United Methodist tradition is multi-leveled, global in scope, and local in thrust. Our connectionalism is not merely a linking of one church to another. It is rather a vital web of interactive relationships. 
I am glad we are connected. Hope to see you Sunday.           Steve

District Superintendent Shinya Goto

The Leadership Council put on a Welcome Dinner the other night for people who are relatively new to our church. It was hosted by Ginger Bassett and what a beautiful evening we had. I feel so honored to get to pastor a church that does so much for the community and takes Jesus’ teachings so seriously. Thank you all for being a part of this.
On Sunday, October 27, we will be blessed to have District Superintendent Shinya Goto with us. He will be preaching at both services. Shinya works for our Bishop to supervise the work of all the churches on the El Camino District. This includes roughly 55 United Methodist Churches from the San Ramon Valley, Santa Clara Valley, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties. Let’s have a good showing on the 27th so that Shinya gets a good picture of who we are and our ministry.

Pastor Steve Lundin