Transfiguration Sunday

This Sunday is called Transfiguration Sunday. We read the story of Jesus climbing a mountain with three of his disciples and on the top they have a powerful vision in which they see the Divine nature of Jesus. It is so powerful and out of the ordinary that they are shaken by fear. You can read this story in chapter 17 of Matthews gospel, verses 1 – 9. Part of the message they get is — “this is my Son, listen to him.”
Next Wednesday begins the season of Lent, the season of 40 days — a season of reflection, fasting, and listening to Jesus. We have been given a preview of Jesus in glory (Transfiguration) and now we journey with Jesus to the cross (Lent — Good Friday). Use this time of Lent to listen to Jesus, to reflect on temptations and the call of Jesus. These church seasons can be wonderful way to stay conscious and reflective as we journey through life.
Grace and Peace to you,

“Rooted in Relationships”

I got an invitation from the Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church to participate in an event in Orlando, Florida, called “Rooted in Relationships.” It is geared for those working in justice and compassion ministries. My first reaction to the invitation was I don’t want to spend that kind of money and then I read further and found that the Board of Church and Society was offering to cover all my expenses. They have chosen about 16 people from around the country to get together for 3 days to discuss our ministries and share ideas around fund raising, volunteer recruitment, leadership development, and community organizing. So I will be gone from February 25 to 28.
After saying yes to this invitation, I realized that I would be gone on Ash Wednesday, which falls on Feb. 26 this year. Ash Wednesday begins the 40 day season of Lent which leads up to Easter. It is a day rich in meaning, a day of fasting and prayer. So, I have asked my friend, the Rev. Cynthia Montague to lead an Ash Wednesday service at 12 noon that day. Sister Barbara from our clothes closet will assist Cynthia. For those who can’t get away from work or other obligations at noon, Sister Barbara will lead an abbreviated Ash Wednesday service at 7 PM that evening. I hope that you will take advantage of one of these opportunities. The season of Lent can be a very meaningful season for spiritual growth.
“As United Methodists, we acknowledge that love requires responsible political action and engagement aimed at the betterment of society and the promotion of the common good.” –from the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church  

Pastor Steve Lundin