Blessed to Be a Blessing

Many of you asked about how my time in Florida was? It was great! I met with leaders from all over the country who are engaged in ministries of justice and working with the poor. It was put on by the Board of Church and Society of the UMC. We were pastors from Arkansas, New York, and Los Angeles. We were Directors of organizations in New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota,and Texas. We were Mission and Justice Coordinators from annual conferences in Florida, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania, We were staff from the Board of Church and Society headquartered in Washington DC. 
We shared in common, a hunger and thirst for justice. A desire to overcome poverty together. A desire to look beyond symptoms to the root causes. We shared a belief that a priority for the poor is a priority of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
The quote that stayed with all of us, came in a video chat with a pastor from the United Church of Scotland, named Rev.Martin Johnstone. He said: “If we lose our commitment to the poor, we are not just weak, we are pointless.” 
I am so thankful to be a part of a ministry that is not pointless. That is walking with the poor and setting an example for many other churches. We have been blessed to be a blessing. 

Endowment Gift

How Can An Endowment Gift Benefit You?
With a gift made to our church’s endowment, you can support ministry and benefit in numerous ways:
*You may be entitled to take a charitable income deduction for a gift made today.
* You can help make sure that your church is financially supported for years to come.
* You can leave a legacy that will inspire others.
Would you like to find a way to support the causes that matter most to you even after you are gone? Consider an endowment gift to your church’s endowment fund. To learn more about how you can make a gift endow the future of our church, please contact Pastor Steve or Joan Miloch, chair of the Endowment Committee.

Pastor Steve Lundin