What We Long For

I don’t know what the future holds — but I know who holds the future. These are uncertain times. I find myself clinging to my faith and trusting the everlasting love. One of the challenges of course is that good traditional communal worship is what we long for at times like this — and right now it is something that we cannot do. So we look for ways to gather together so that we can tell the old old story of Jesus and his love. One new way that we can do that is online. If you can, please try this out. Tim will send the link on Sunday morning around 10:30. This Sunday we are including communion, as it is the first Sunday of the month.
You can also be involved in the leadership of this when we put it together the day before using zoom. Right now we need readers for our Holy Thursday/Good Friday service next week. Let me know if your willing and I will send you a reading and instructions. 

I miss you all a great deal but we can make this tolerable by staying connected. Is there someone who needs a check-in call. Maybe you can give them a call. We are the Church. 

Blessings to you!


Feeling the Power

Hi Church! I am feeling the power of the Spirit moving through the Church. People are staying in touch with each other, praying for each other, calling us and offering support. The people we serve are just thankful to be getting a meal right now and having a restroom to use and a place to wash hands. We are practicing kindness.

One of the nice things about this that I have noticed, is the connection I feel with the larger United Methodist Church and other churches in our community. Suddenly our differences and our distances seem so small. We are connected in our love for God and each other.

In our daily meeting with the core volunteers this morning, we discussed the power of having a positive attitude and what we each do to stay positive. Some of the suggestions were prayer, meditation, music, exercise, pets, and reading. How are you staying positive? How are you staying positive? How are you staying connected with God and with others?

Blessings to you,



Pastor Steve Lundin