Meeting at the YMCA

This Friday night, there will be a neighborhood meeting at the YMCA. We hope to keep the focus on safety and how to make the neighborhood safer. Please pray for this meeting. If you can come, please do. If there is yelling and arguing, please avoid entering into it. Besides your ideas about safety, you are there to represent First United Methodist Church. You are there to share what you’ve seen and heard and experienced and why you are a part of this ministry. That is a very important witness to offer. If people are verbally attacking the church, do not attack back but if you can, say something like, “That is not my experience. My experience is…..” Share something of your own journey and how the ministry of the church has had a life changing impact on your life. Most important, as I said on Sunday, Let your light shine and be a distributor of God’s grace. Hope to see you there.