Many childhood lessons are life lessons

I remember a boy in my grade school who seemed to be quite popular. Kids wanted to be in his inner circle. But he demanded loyalty. That usually meant doing something or treating someone in ways that were clearly in violation of what I knew to be right. Wherever he was there seemed to be a great deal of negative energy. I wanted to be in his group because he was in charge. But over time I was able to see that he was not really a friend that you enjoy being with and share companionship with. His popularity was based on dividing people and creating chaos. He said things about others that was not true. He created enemies. 
   I found myself looking up to people who brought people together and had positive energy for life. I found myself looking for friends and leaders who crossed playground boundaries and seemed to bring kids together who might not otherwise trust or like one another. Life was steady and peaceful and fun in their presence. 
   Many childhood lessons are life lessons. Pay attention. 
Pastor Steve