Kitchen Project Update

Many of you have asked for an update on our kitchen project. We have chosen an architectural firm called Interactive Resources and we have signed a contract. They specialize in older buildings that have historical significance. The project manager was very enthusiastic about our wonderful building and this project. We will soon be meeting them on the plans. I am very excited about the assistance I am getting from Ed Moncrief and our Program Manager Greg Fenton. We will keep you posted as this project progresses. 
There will be some challenges ahead, as the time will come when we will need to rely on other churches and community partners to make their kitchens available to us. We plan to continue feeding hungry people even when our kitchen is under construction and unavailable. I know we can do this because we have built strong community relationships. Nevertheless, there will be obstacles. We will try to anticipate them as we go. 
Thank you for your patience, support, and prayers. Most important is that we have this ministry. We are blessed to be a blessing!