“Interfaith Responses to the Corona Virus Crisis.”

On Tuesday afternoon, I attended an on-line gathering called — “Interfaith Responses to the Corona Virus Crisis.” It was hosted by the Institute for Ecological Civilization. It was a wonderful sharing of fascinating people from many faith perspectives. One of the key insights that kept getting repeated is how this world event that we are all sharing in right now, drives home the truth that all of life is connected and whatever happens to you, happens to me. We are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us.  
We can see that this time is bringing out the best and worst in people. Many are frightened and there has been terrible suffering and loss of life. At the same time the financial suffering on thousands is devastating.
One of the speakers yesterday said, “This crisis is too good to be wasted.” Not to downplay the tragedy but this is a transformational moment — a chance to hit the “restart button” and do some things differently. Have you seen the reports on the improved air quality? This forced shut-down is having some positive effects on the creation. We have some time to look at our collective lives and make some changes.
All of life is one. What will the new normal be? The old normal did not work well for many. Pray for a new normal that works for the many. There is a National Interfaith Prayer Service today (May 7). For information, go to the Religions for Peace website — rfpusa.org. Also check out the website for the United Religious Institute URI.org.
My thoughts and prayers are with you,