God Loves Everybody

God loves everybody — no exceptions! I remember my favorite biblical scholar, Marcus Borg, saying that perhaps more than anything, it was Jesus’ eating habits that got him crucified. By breaking bread with the “unclean” he was violating holiness codes. He was hanging out with the wrong people. You might say that he was saying “God loves everyone — no exceptions!” 
This is what we believe at First UMC Salinas. This is what our ministry to the poor is built upon. Jesus touched the lepers. They were the untouchables of the day. There are modern day equivalents and we serve them and they serve with us. We touch them. And we are touched deeply by them. 
We are finding that some do not like this. Or they say, “We like what you do, just do it somewhere else.” But our outpost for ministry since 1927 has been 404 Lincoln Ave. and here we will remain, living out our calling. 
We put safeguards in place for everyone involved. We will continue to work for the safety of all. We will work for the common good. And we will continue to give top priority to the poor, homeless, addicted, and mentally ill. 
No one is beyond God’s forgiveness. No one is untouchable. God loves everyone! No exceptions! Thanks be to God! That means that even I get to be a part of this.
In humility,