Constructive Dialogue

I was walking on Lincoln Ave. past City Hall the other day when I ran into our Mayor Joe Gunter. We stood and visited for a couple of minutes and then since we were both headed over to Main Street we walked together. As we walked, someone came out of a donut store and yelled at the Mayor, “you ought to get your head out of your —,” You get the idea. I was a bit surprised by this. The Mayor was not. He simply said, “You have a good day.” 
I’m not sure I could have maintained my cool so well. I don’t always agree with the mayor but I sure appreciate him maintaining his cool and doing the best work he can do with out a lot of fanfare and arguing. Made me think of the words I put on our church sign the other day. “Let’s move from destructive name calling to constructive dialogue.” 
This is the season that we pray for peace. We hear the angels sing, “Peace on earth goodwill to all.” We need peace these days. There is a lot of destructive name calling and not so much constructive dialogue. Remember that song — “Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.” 
Christmas Blessings to you,