Looking for Feedback

— from Steve
Your Leadership Council met by zoom for a meeting on Sunday afternoon. Aside from the usual agenda items, our main topic of discussion was on when to reopen the church for Sunday worship. The discussion was thoughtful and prayerful, Keeping in mind the needs of our congregation, along with state guidelines for reopening places of worship. We decided that the soonest we would reopen for worship will be August, depending upon the circumstances when August gets closer. In the meantime we are putting together a team to plan for reopening. We will be discussing matters of social distancing, the offering, masks, cleaning, etc. 
What I would like to know from each of you is, if we reopen in August, with appropriate precautions in place, do you think you would come back to worship at that point or are you more likely to wait longer because of health concerns or other factors?
If you would give me some feedback that would be helpful. Please share your thoughts with me. Send me an email (stevejlundin@gmail.com) or give me a call (707) 672-3797. Blessings to you,
Pastor Steve