Attitude of Gratitude

The other day in our morning meeting for core volunteers, we were talking about the importance of gratitude. Living life with an attitude of gratitude. That is thankfulness. The Thanksgiving holiday is a good reminder to us to live with gratitude every day. As the old hymn says, “count your blessings — name them one by one.” I once read that Maya Angelou, during a difficult time in her life, kept a yellow pad of paper with her to record her blessings. She found that even during the most difficult times she was blessed. By nurturing an attitude of gratitude, her life was transformed. Christian mystic Meister Eckhart once said that if the only prayer you ever offered was “thanks,” that would be enough.
I hope you can join us for our inter-faith Thanksgiving service, Sunday afternoon, Nov. 24,     3 PM, at Temple Beth El, 1212 Riker Street. I am thankful for the opportunity to gather for this time of thanksgiving.
Blessings to you,