. . . As Christ Loves Us

Grace and Peace to you my friends. How I miss you and our gatherings. Some of you I’ve seen on zoom, some I’ve talked to on your doorstep, others on the phone or email. But here’s the thing — there’s nothing like being together. There is nothing like human touch. There is nothing like singing and praying together, there is nothing like sharing the bread and cup of Holy Communion with one another. 
We are told that church attendance is opening up in California. But the protocols are many and rigorous. Let’s just say, when we start up, worship will not be going back to “normal.” We want to be careful and make sure we are ready. I think we are a few Sundays away from gathering together. Sometime in the next week I will call for a zoom meeting of our Leadership Council and we will strategize  next steps and timelines for reopening. We will plan prayerfully, trying to discern the next right moves. We will look to the movement of the spirit.
We are called to love one another as Christ loves us. That means looking out for each others health and safety. I will keep you informed. Let’s keep each other in prayer. I hope you are joining us for worship online each week. If you need to talk or pray, feel free to give me a call. If you need a copy of the Upper Room Devotional, please let me know and I will deliver to you. 
We look forward to the day we are worshiping together again. Until then, I hold you in my heart and in prayer. Shalom,