The Neighborhood 


Have you any idea how many people think only of food when they think of the Neighborhood Services Center?  That wasn’t so far off the mark in our early days as Neighborhood Ministry, but by now, we’ve expanded; and we hope to continue expanding further.

The kitchen, as you know, puts out LOTS of food: an estimated …
6,000 meals in January alone.  That’s moving lots of tonnage from the Food Bank and other donation sites to our pantries, to the kitchen for processing, and out for our guests to have nutritious meals twice per day, six days per week.

This also implies lots of washing of pots and pans, utensils, cups, and trays.  It means lots of slicing and dicing to prepare the foods for use in casseroles, vegetables, salads, and  baked items. It means cutting up cakes and pies and breads, all while keeping surfaces and selves as clean as possible for all of us to be food-safe.  We know we have a responsibility to help everyone stay healthy beyond the nutrition we offer.

Volunteers are the mainstay of most of what we do.  We love our volunteers and appreciate the heck out of them.  That’s why it’s especially wonderful when we hear our guests who say “thank you” for the food as you prepare it, as you clean their food trays and silverware, and as you go about collecting stray cups and trays, sometimes even as some of us are still eating.  We all have jobs to do, and we are grateful for every person in service to others.

May you continue to help where and as and if you can!  Thank you.


      Sharon Forrest