The Neighborhood 

Social Workers

We all know how difficult life can be with the usual events happening, or not happening, as sometimes is the greater factor in frustrations.  To be homeless can multiply those feelings.  That’s why it is so much the better to see our new social workers working with folks.  Their low-key manners and spot-on timing can mean a lot to anyone, and especially in this time and location.  
For awhile now, CCCIL (Central Coast Center for Independent Living), which helps many find housing has been “on campus”, as I call it, on Wednesdays at Noon to work their magic.  There is housing, and there are rooms for rent: it’s just a matter of finding it and putting all the pages of paperwork together to satisfy all the organizations, governmental and semi-private, which can be included in requirements.
The V.A. makes its weekly trip on Tuesdays.  I remember the first time they came, when they were able to place a man that very day in his own apartment.  For Vets, as is right, it sometimes only need be “suit up; show up”.  There is housing and there is counseling, so long as one is willing to help oneself.  Yes, it is often that last part which is the greater difficulty, and for those who can allow others into their lives, success can be soon and sweet.
May your lives be sweet.
Sharon Forrest


      Sharon Forrest