“The Soloist.”

Last week I was given tickets to hear Steve Lopez speak at the Hyatt in Monterey. Steve Lopez is a columnist with the LA Times. Several years ago he met a homeless man in a park playing a violin with two strings.He was looking for something to write about, so he struck up a friendship. This led to a book and then a movie called “The Soloist.” Lopez has a deep and compassionate understanding of homelessness and mental illness. Listening to Lopez renewed my commitment to the work that we do through The Neighborhood Services Center. 
I thought it might make for a meaningful evening to have a movie night and watch the movie, “The Soloist” and then discuss it. Soup Supper is next Thursday, February 7, at 6:00 PM. Come and see “The Soloist.” 
By the way, we still need two or three pots of soup. Give me a call or send me an email if you can bring soup. 
By the way, the Steve Lopez speech was a fund raiser for Interim Inc. Interim does incredible work with the homeless mentally ill in Monterey County. The Neighborhood Services Center benefits from having a couple of Interim Social Workers with us five days a week. This has added so much to what we can offer in the way of assistance to those in need.