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Next Prayer Shawl Ministry 4/7

First (1st) Tuesday evening gathering meets 6- 8PM in the prayer chapel. The Saturday morning gathering will meet 10AM – noon same location, the 2nd SATURDAY of the month to coincide with UMW exec comm mtg. except in SEPTEMBER, MARCH, JUNE, & DECEMBER as those months the United Methodist Women will be hosting either a luncheon, event or join-in project and we would invite everyone to those gatherings!!!  As usual I will notify by email or telephone all current members of Prayer Shawl Ministry about upcoming events.









In the power of your Spirit, we pray your blessing upon these shawls that we hold in our hands. They have been crafted in thoughtfulness, showered with prayer and will be shared in the fullness of your love.

We give you thanks for the hands that have worked to make them and pray your blessing on the hands that are to receive them. May they feel your power, know your strength and experience your healing presence in all their days. This we pray in your holy name. Amen.