Out of Sorts?


— from Pastor Steve
What do you do when you are having one of those days? You know, when you feel out of sorts, off balance, tired, grumpy, and impatient. Do you have coping skills for those days? 
If you are feeling physically unbalanced, you know what to do, right? You don’t want to move too fast because you might fall and injure yourself. You get a little extra rest and watch your diet. 
But what about when you are feeling emotionally off balance? Well, you don’t want to move too fast with your speech and actions because you could injure someone else or yourself. Slow down, take a slow deep breath, and get some extra rest. A breath prayer can be very helpful. Take a deep breath — silently repeat a phrase in your mind, like — “God is love” or “fill me with your spirit.”
I need to tell a trusted friend, family member, or work colleague that I am having a hard day and that I might need a little extra support. Just being vulnerable enough to do this can make all the difference. It means that you are paying attention and being real. 
Sometimes we need to get away for a few days.
After worship 
on Sunday
, I am getting away for a few days. A little rec-reation and re-creation. If you need a pastoral assistance while I am gone, please contact Pastor Cindy. 
And remember this quote by J.M. Barry: “Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kink of battle.”
Pastor Steve