living life in the Presence

It is Holy Week. We recount the last week of Jesus’ life. It is a time to reflect and pray and remember. That is what Holy Communion tonight is all about. The Last Supper — “Do this in memory of me.” We also read and reflect on the passion narrative from John’s gospel, blowing out candles along the way. It is amazing how powerful a simple gathering with bread, cup, story, and candles can be. The story becomes a part of us — and we become a part of the story. Hope to see you tonight at 6 PM. .
Friday at 12:30 PM is a walking meditation. We start in the sanctuary and then follow the cross out the door and out into the streets stopping along the way to hear and reflect on the passion story and to pray. The whole thing is a walking prayer. 
Sunday we celebrate, “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” The Jesus of history becomes the Cosmic Christ — who cannot be held by time or space or even religion. The best we can do is point to him and share our experience, strength, and hope. And of course celebrate — living life in the presence.
I hope to be spending some of this holy week with you in prayer, reflection, and celebration.  Blessings,