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The Neighborhood 

Peace in the City

Dear Church, I have a book we sometimes read from at our morning meetings entitled, “Psalms in Ordinary Voices”. I recently read through Psalm 46, whose ordinary voice was that of a teacher. She wrote in part: God is our comfort and our support, beside us when we are most in need. So we will not be afraid even when the world is filled with change and insecurity. Even though the very waters of the earth are troubled and earthquakes shake the mountains. There is a river steady and calm that carries the promise of peace to God’s city, a holy place. God is there in the midst of the city and will protect and sustain that place.” It is good that there is peace in the city. It is good that we are finally moving forward with the kitchen remodel. There will be earthquakes and overflowing rivers and shake-ups and more than enough chaos to last us for awhile. But today, here, and in my heart, there is peace. Wherever you are, in whatever city you serve and play and work, be peace. Cindy

Love Practiced Here

Dear Church,

Steve and I were talking yesterday about our logo “love practiced here”. We were talking about the incredible uniqueness of this ministry and the community that gathers here every day. There is an honesty and straightforwardness that we often find with our guests that we haven’t always experienced in the congregations we have served. Yes, there is manipulation and deceit. There is stealing and lying and people act out in often dangerous and harmful ways, to themselves and to others. All of these things are true at the same time. They simply vary in degree.

As I was thinking about this article, I was thinking about the ways we practice love here:




         Cindy Storrs    NSC Administrator