Clothes Closet Lately?

Have you experienced the Clothes Closet lately?  It’s a place where all clothing which is donated goes for sorting and displaying so that those in need can choose what they will be able to use.  Often the women’s area looks fairly full, but still, we could use clean panties and bras.  Our measure is that if you might use an item one more time, someone else might be able to use it.

Men’s clothing is the hot-ticket item: we receive less of it, and it goes out faster.  I’ve actually seen it empty — a very sad sight. Jeans and other strong fabric are the greatest need here, although others go nearly as fast.  This time of year, long-sleeved shirts are very welcome, as, of course, are jackets of nearly any kind.

Two weeks ago, Compass Church brought us many men’s jackets fresh from the cleaners and on hangers.  That was a wonderful sight!  Blankets also arrived from them, and it was with a feeling of joy that all were put where Sister Barbara, who runs the Closet, designated so that she could access them as needed.

We thank you for your donations, and we welcome you to visit.

Sharon Forrest

Barbara Muck