I am gone much of this week to the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in Northern California and Nevada.There are about 350 churches in this area. Active and retired clergy will be at conference along with elected lay members from each church. Our elected members are Haatil and Lousi Nai.
We are meeting in Modesto this year. At the opening worship service on Wednesday morning we will take an offering for rebuilding Puerto Rico from the devastating storms. The Methodist Church in Puerto Rico are helping to lead the way. I will be taking a check from our church for over $400! Thank you for your generosity. It is good to be a part of a connectional church that is active all over the world. It gives us a chance to see beyond ourselves and have a global impact. 
The Bishop finalizes appointments at Annual Conference. I look forward to be appointed to serve as your pastor for another year. 
See you on Sunday. Blessings,
No Bible study this Friday