Blessings Overflow

Dear Church,

I learned a long time ago and hold steadfast to the belief that the God of Love and Grace wants nothing more than to pour out love on us and through us, onto the world. So often we do that here at the NSC, one breath at a time, one person at a time, certainly, one day at a time.

On Saturday, the 21st we will be blessed in a special way by the members of two local churches: Salinas Valley Community Church and Compass Church. They will be spending a large portion of their day here at our facility, tackling some projects that need doing, but keep falling to the bottom of the “things to do” list when we run out of time and energy. They will be … laying down weed cloth, graveling and making the “backyard” more functional and beautiful; hauling all of our plastic tables out into the courtyard and scrubbing them down; repairing the enclosure to the utility junction box and providing opportunities for some hair and beard cuts for guests. Plus, knowing that the there will be guests around on this Saturday they will be putting together some bag lunches as well.

We were blessed by a youth group and their counselors the day before Easter who came down from Lafayette-Orinda (you may remember them from the summer they were here working a few years ago) who assembled really delicious bag lunches and helped to dye eggs and assemble the plastic eggs for hiding. And they topped off their service by helping us take down the tables from Maundy Thursday and make the “red room” ready for Easter worship. Blessing upon blessing!

Cindy Miller and her family blessed us with their help in coordinating our Easter Egg hunt along with an appearance by the Easter Bunny Bob and his helper Judy, who hid the eggs and kept the courtyard secure for the “hunt”. (Thanks to Paul Aschenbrenner for his generous sharing of bunny ears and nose so Bob really looked the part!) Love poured out on us and through us.

In Christ, all things are new. Sometimes that is a daily occurrence around here. This week we said “goodbye” and “thanks” to our kitchen volunteer Al, added another week of being clean and sober to some special volunteers, have rearranged our core group of volunteers in other ways, some being added, some deciding that their gifts fit better in other places. The spirit of resurrection unfolds in us and thorough us in amazing, mysterious and life-affirming ways!

Thanks for holding us in prayer.